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Abandoned Dachsund Saved

Dodger has a tumor

Dodger the Dachshund was found running down the street. A woman caught him and took him to the West Valley Animal Shelter. He was bleeding from a large tumor under his chest. She also posted him on Facebook. That’s where I began following his story.
After reading the comments on the post, I found that a woman claimed to be the neighbor of the man who owned Dodger. She contacted the owner, who then went to the Shelter.
It was odd, that after the owner went down to the shelter, Dodger was listed for release on February 7, 2017. My heart was tugged. I spoke with my veterinarian Dr Rick Garcia of Paws and Claws Mobile Veterinarian. After showing him the photos of Dodger and his bleeding mass, he said he would do the surgery for a discounted rate. I jumped into action. First on the list, Get Dodger out of the shelter and into the hands of my veterinarian!
I called the shelter only to find out that the owner had been there but wouldn’t comply with the parameters of laid down by the shelter. They required that he pay the impound fees, and get the dog the medical attention he needed. The owner refused. The shelter said I could adopt him on the 7th. I waited.
Early this morning I got a wonderful text from my good friend Kim. She alerted me that SoCal Dachshund rescue had saved Dodger! Another happy ending!

My question to you: Do you think the woman should have taken Dodger the Dachshund to the shelter, before seeking medical attention?

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