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Local Homeless Couple needs medication for sick dog

Local Homeless Couple needs medication for sick dog

I’ve confirmed that this is a legitimate independent rescuer named Adam Sturgess I’ve spoken with him by phone, all thru this ordeal. Originally, I thought is was an obstruction, but it’s been diagnosed as Parvo. All the puppies have it. It’s going to be in the thousands to help them.

Hello, my name is adam. Faith easdale and I are trying to raise donations for parvo positive puppies. I work within the rescue community assisting other rescues, and assisting the homeless with the pets by educating spay/neuter, vaccines, and food. I was contacted that a homeless lady has a litter of 6 puppies that are 10 weeks old. At the time one of the puppies was extremely ill. He was taken to the vet and tested positive for parvo. He is in bad shape and fighting for his life. His temperature was 108 degrees. Then another puppy from the litter became Ill later on the next day, and tested positive for parvo. On may 2, the other 4 puppies became ill and tested positive for parvo. All 6 puppies are being hospitalized and treated for parvo. The bill is extremely high, and I am reaching out to help receive donations to pay the medical expenses. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

two puppies are at sunnymead animal hospital in moreno valley, ca under faith easdale. 951-242-3118


four are at East valley animal hospital in redlands, ca

All donations towards the puppies are non-refundable. The donations is how we are able to help with the cost of the medical bills of the puppies.

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